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Beginner's Photography Essentials Course

Beginner's Photography Essentials

Do you want to transform your photos from snapshots to beautiful photos? You have the fancy camera all ready to go... you started to take a picture and then got stuck trying to figure out the settings... The truth is that mastering your camera's settings and capturing amazing photos feels complicated! But it doesn't have to be so hard...

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I’m Dena Barrie, photographer, teacher, and owner of Images by Dena. I pride myself on the fact that I teach in an easy to understand, personable style. I have taught many students over the years, and it is so rewarding to see them master their cameras and learn how to begin telling their stories through their photography.

There is nothing better than hearing a student say that they have learned more than they ever thought possible in such a short amount of time when they see that it doesn’t have to be so difficult and confusing.

Dena Barrie

Owner of Images by Dena

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